Well, it fina…

 Well, it finally happened.  My book, “SEE” The EMPOWERING Energy Solution, was finally published and available as an E-Book on 3/8/12  at << http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007IK2VSE  >>. 

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SEE Publications

Welcome to SEE Publications.  This is where you will find out information about the soon to be published book,  “SEE” The  Empowering Energy Solution, by Thomas A. Peterson.  SEE stands for Super Energy Efficient, which is used to describe homes and buildings that are at least 75% more energy efficient than homes typically built to NBC (National Building Code) specifications.

SEE home’s and buildings “cost of ownership” are less than for NBC homes.  For new homes, when traditionally financed, their energy cost savings will more than cover the additional financing costs to build them to SEE specifications.  Most existing homes can also be retrofitted to SEE standards to save their owner’s money, which again generally covers the cost of financing.

This book will first be published as an E-Book on Amazon’s Kindle program.  It will soon be followed by a hardcopy version.  I will keep you informed about publishing dates.

Posts on any aspects of SEE homes or buildings are welcome here!

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